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TIA PLC control

TIA PLC control

Ziemann&Urban – messen, prüfen, automatisieren

For integration into large line controls and systems

Ziemann & Urban uses the tried-and-tested Siemens PLC control for systems needing to communicate with larger line controllers or with larger robot/handling systems.

The Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) portal allows complete access to the entire digitalized automation environment, from digital planning and integrated engineering through to transparent operation.
Our software experts can tap into years of experience in TIA to optimally exploit all it has to offer.

You will find numerous “TIA PLC” solutions in our solution database.

Key advantages of TIA PLC control systems:

  • Sound evaluation of customer requirements in the interface area
  • New hardware swiftly integrated thanks to standardized components
  • Swift implementation of customer’s equipment specification?
  • Simple connection/ integration into existing automation systems
  • Simplified maintenance and servicing for end customers through standardized PLC software

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