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Ziemann&Urban – messen, prüfen, automatisieren

Unsurpassed image processing

Ziemann & Urban has been developing dedicated image processing systems in house for almost three decades as the only way to meet the high quality standards both it and its customers demand.

The third generation of ZU Vision represents nothing less than a milestone for us and our customers.
Dividing the software into specific, application-oriented modules permits unprecedented flexibility.

You will find numerous “ZU-Vision” solutions in our solution database.

Key advantages of ZU-Vision:

  • A wide range of tried-and-tested functions/tools to handle almost any industrial image processing requirements you can imagine
  • Extensive options for statistical evaluation and data storage output (any material you check or measure via image processing can then be output to a global audience)
  • Freely programmable test sequences within a user-friendly Windows interface
  • Offline programming with stored images simultaneously possible during production

Technical data on ZU-Vision:

  • A further refined version of ZVIS 2300/2400 (MS DOS) and ZVIS 4300/4400 (Windows 32 bit) software
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • 64-bit address space for handling bulk data and images (e.g. line-scan cameras, very high-resolution cameras or applications with extra-fast / numerous images and short-time - real-time/high-speed applications)
  • Scope to integrate third-party/purchased BV libraries for special applications ?(e.g. String Reader, OCR, OCV, Geometric Model Finder). This is where you’ll find innumerable mature libraries from well-known providers (Matrox, cognex) that work flawlessly or which customers wish to use because they are familiar with them. We integrate these libraries on board within our software
  • A wide selection of tools for all image processing applications. Unlike many market competitors, we do not provide our customers with a one-size-fits-all application in which further integration is difficult or impossible (e.g. adapting tolerances). What our customers enjoy is a complete “toolbox” of tools/functions and can (subject to willingness, level of understanding and training) extend or adapt their data records themselves.
  • Clear separation of programming (application) mode and production mode (checking/measuring)
  • Integrated multi-level user/rights management for user-defined access restrictions
  • Creation of own input masks possible, i.e. users can define which parameters they wish to access in production mode
  • Automatic image storage of good/bad images with scope to synchronize/adjust data records offline with stored images.
  • Extensive possibilities for data input and output. (Measurement) results can be saved locally as .csv/ .txt files for later (statistical) evaluation or archiving 
  • Connection to (customer-specific) databases possible, e.g. SQL as standard module, others according to customer requirements/ specification.
  • Separate scaling process?
  • Scaling globally or saved in external file – important for customers who evaluate many different data records (part variants) with the same cameras
  • Control of mechanical & electrical components and image processing via a simple script language (similar to “C”) with any number of independent tasks. This allows efficient implementation for simple applications (e.g. manual testing stations, sorting systems, etc.)

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