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Working worlds and work heroes

The results of image processing are already shaping our lives today. Whether algorithms for evaluating the content of images in social media, evidence images on the football pitch, diagnostics in medicine or in modern production - industrial image processing has a future and needs skilled workers.

And Ziemann & Urban needs you!

As an owner-managed family business, Ziemann & Urban places great value on company culture and employee management at eye level. We are enthusiastic about technology, enjoy the variance and originality of tasks and value a pleasant working atmosphere. Achieving goals together, fun and whimsy in everyday life - every project is different, every working day offers new challenges.

Career changers and dropouts welcome!

We are not afraid of "crooked CVs" - we are interested in the person behind them with their skills & experience. Therefore, we are happy to give such candidates a chance.

Volunteer work wanted & welcome!

We support volunteer work by rescue workers and have been awarded by the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior as a "volunteer-friendly company" for this purpose.

Our products and systems help to ...

  • ... to make the interior of vehicles cosy and individual
  • ... to produce pipette tips that function perfectly
  • ... to have blood glucose systems with you as wearables suitable for everyday use
  • ... using food inspection to make food look appetising
  • ... to check the function of spray arms in dishwashers
  • ... to support vehicle safety with airbag nets

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


🏆 Handover of trophy for the INSPECT Award 2023! 🏆

hekuTIP QC Assistant achieves second place in the "Automation + Control" category

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Award as "volunteer-friendly company" by the Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann

Honored, desired and increased!

At the "Safe Bavaria" ceremony in Munich on July 15, Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann presented the "Volunteer-friendly Company - Together for More Safety" award to nine deserving employers.

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Titelstory "Pipettenspitzen-Inspektion automatisiert" @ Meditronic Journal 3-2023

We are thrilled to announce that our groundbreaking product, the "Hekutip QC Assistant," has been featured as the headline story in the latest issue of the prestigious "Meditronic Journal."

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