This industry in particular is subject to permanent change, with which the measures for quality assurance must keep pace. Ziemann & Urban relies here on the combination of different measuring techniques, which is in demand, for example, for production monitoring via sensor technology, the visualisation of work steps or for checking the product position in the production process.

Typical fields of application are:

  • Highly accurate 100 % measurement and inspection of components/ assemblies in harsh industrial environments or under production conditions.
  • 2D/3D measurement in production environments
  • 2D/3D position recognition for robot positioning
  • 100 % inspection of safety-relevant components with database (verification requirement for traceability)
  • Inspection, sorting, position recognition and feeding of raw and individual parts
  • Final inspection of complex electromechanical assemblies with function test and setting gauges

Curious now? Further examples of our automotive solutions can be found in the solutions database.

The plastics industry has a wide range of requirements for quality assurance, including 100% control of high quantities in real time. Ziemann & Urban offers scalable systems for optical inspection and measured value visualisation that are suitable for high quantities as well as fast product changes.

Typical fields of application are:

  • Just-in-time monitoring of production-critical product parameters
  • Measurement and control of inserts after overmoulding
  • Control of the injection moulding process of multi-component parts
  • 100 % inspection of connectors (grid dimensions, coding, wobble circles, contamination, overmoulding, assembly checks, etc.)
  • Inspection for complete injection & injection burrs
  • Inspection and measurement of function-relevant features such as diameter, length, height
  • Removal check of injection moulds before new cycle
  • Assembly equipment with position corrections

Curious now? More examples of our solutions for plastics testing can be found in the solutions database.

In medical technology, there is a regulatory requirement for traceability of the entire production process. The micro clean room environment of the machines with maximum particle freedom also call for special conceptions and designs. Ziemann & Urban can rely on in-depth industry knowledge, which is required not only for inspection but also for configuration and auditing of the systems.

Typical fields of application are:

  • Quality control
  • Production control
  • 100 % control for disposable products with very high quality requirements in the medical sector
  • Cavity-oriented analysis of results for wear detection on the mould
  • Image processing-supported assembly of diagnostic reaction containers
  • 100 % control of well strips
  • 100 % control of microplates with up to 1596 cavities
  • 100 % control of pipettes, cannulas, dental tools
  • Detailed visualisation and statistical evaluation
  • Evaluation & implementation of relevant conformities (ISO, FDA, GMP and GAMP)

Curious now? More examples of our solutions for the pharmaceutical industry can be found in the solutions database.

High production speeds dominate the scene in wafer fabrication and PCB inspection. Ziemann & Urban has been firmly established in the semiconductor industry since the early 1990s and offers proven solutions for assembling in particular, which include print and lead inspection, placement and electrical testing.

As a "standard product" with its numerous customisation and expansion options, Z&U's "Flexible Chip Mounter" for small series and laboratories (FCM4080) has proven itself: Powerful, robust, flexible and affordable - ideal for companies with small to medium production volumes.

Typical fields of application are:

  • Pick & Place Processes for Semiconductor Chips and SMD Components
  • Special processes for optical inspection and measurement of semiconductor chips before and during a pick & place process
  • Dispensing and sealing processes around semiconductor assembly
  • Systems for quality control and measurement of semiconductor chips and wafers
  • Optical and electrical classification of semiconductor chips in the wafer
  • Reel-to-reel component inspection in the blister belt
  • Solar cell inspection
  • Gluing and alignment of power electronics incl. glue application
  • Alignment of components by image processing for subsequent further processing
  • Bond pad inspection for damage and contamination

Curious now? Further examples of our solutions for the electronics industry can be found in the solutions database.

There are further sector-neutral challenges in machine vision in the inspection of material combinations, for example for the processes of adhesive and sealant application. The width, continuity, geometry and position of the sealant or adhesive bead must be checked via contour recognition. For these applications, Ziemann & Urban relies on a smart combination of image processing and vision systems, measurement technology for materials testing, optoelectronics and the use of AI to sustainably meet the requirements of these new fields of application.


  • Inline inspection and measurement of the mechanical pre-machining of cylinder running surfaces in the coating process ("ProfilControl")
  • 100% inspection of the coating of cylinder running surfaces in aluminium crankcases (surface inspection of uniform application ("SpotControl")
  • Process control & measurement of robot-guided dispensing processes for haptic touch surfaces on natural materials (e.g. wood) in car interiors
  • Testing of 2-component plastic parts (hard component + soft component for sealing) and complete assemblies for air ducting systems (fan ring louvre) of combustion engines
  • Testing of overmoulding of high-voltage connectors for eMobility/charging infrastructure with silicone and measurement of the connector geometry

For the production of functional surfaces, cutting, ablative, forming and generative manufacturing processes are used, the results of which must be controlled with defined methods and processes. Ziemann & Urban has measured and evaluated surface structures in the industrial environment, which has opened up production-technical conclusions for the production in order to optimally achieve the surface quality.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


🏆 Handover of trophy for the INSPECT Award 2023! 🏆

hekuTIP QC Assistant achieves second place in the "Automation + Control" category

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Award as "volunteer-friendly company" by the Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann

Honored, desired and increased!

At the "Safe Bavaria" ceremony in Munich on July 15, Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann presented the "Volunteer-friendly Company - Together for More Safety" award to nine deserving employers.

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Titelstory "Pipettenspitzen-Inspektion automatisiert" @ Meditronic Journal 3-2023

We are thrilled to announce that our groundbreaking product, the "Hekutip QC Assistant," has been featured as the headline story in the latest issue of the prestigious "Meditronic Journal."

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